April is Foot Health Awareness Month!

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Foot Health Awareness Month (April 1-30) provides IPMS the opportunity to help educate the public about podiatrists’ education, training, and experience.

Join us in supporting APMA’s “Today’s Podiatrist” campaign, which provides a host of new educational materials for both member and patient use, including an online resource page, free poster, newsletter, social media posts, feature articles, tip sheets, memes, and more. This year’s campaign highlights podiatrists’ expertise in:

• The diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the lower extremities that may affect patients’ daily lives and prevent them from being active;

• Treating any generation with conditions affecting the lower extremities, whether that be sweaty feet or surgical intervention;• Proper footwear; and

• Custom orthotics.Many of these materials will be customizable, so you can provide the patients in your community with information most relevant to them.

Visit www.apma.org/todayspodiatrist to download the digital toolkit with all campaign materials.



A Professional Organization of Podiatrists Located Throughout Iowa

Podiatry is the branch of medicine specializing in the care and treatment of the human foot and ankle in health and disease. Doctors of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) are physicians and surgeons who practice on the lower extremities, primarily on feet and ankles. The preparatory education for most DPMs includes four years of undergraduate work, followed by four years in an accredited podiatric medical school and then a three-year residency program.





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